Our Approach

Summit Financial Services, Inc. is an established, full-service financial planning and wealth management practice. We provide a comprehensive and active approach to goals-based financial planning. 


We believe in goals-based portfolio building; your goals, time horizon and objectives guide the investment selection.  We utilize a wide array of experienced fund managers, investment platforms and strategies, all of which allow us to build customized portfolios, tailored specifically for you.  


We are active investment managers and have the ability to react when an opportunity or crisis arises.  We are constantly mindful of situations that can affect your ability to reach your financial goals.  We provide clear, consistent communication along with regular client reviews. 


We provide a comprehensive approach to financial planning, giving you access to multiple portfolio and asset allocation managers, as well as a network of local service providers, such as CPAs, estate and tax attorneys and mortgage lenders, all with one purpose - helping you reach your financial goals and objectives.